A Fresh Approach


The Gathering Rooms

The places to meet, relax, play a game, enjoy a cup of coffee... these are the common areas, or as we like to call them, the Gathering Rooms.  Enjoy the piano or guitar?  Well, you can enjoy them at Main Street House.  We just ask that you sing the same song that's being played!

Gathering Rooms>

Gathering Rooms>

Grab breakfast in the kitchen, take your plate out to one of the tables in the Gathering Rooms, and enjoy the start of your day with a cup of French Pressed coffee.  Or, perhaps a smoothie and granola bar on the way out the door.  Play a few tunes on the baby grand, or strum along with your favorite songs.  Go ahead, the instruments are right there.  Choose a game from the cabinet, and play with friends, new and old.  Want a good seat for the parade?  It's waiting for you, right on the front porch.  This is what the Gathering Rooms are all about.